How to save multiple images from a PDF file?

Question: I downloaded a game strategy guide that is in PDF format. When I open it, there are many pages in the book. How can I convert them to JPEG and save them all at the same time?

Solution: You need a PDF to JPEG converter, such as iOrgSoft PDF to Image Converter. With this PDF to Image Converter, you can convert source PDF pages to JPEG, JPG easily. Batch converting mode supported.

4 steps to convert PDF documents to JPEG with this PDF to Image converter:
(1) Click "Add Files" button to add source PDF files to source file list.

(2-1) Click "Options" button, here, we can set output file format for destination image files. Here, we select ".JPG" and click "Ok" buttons to save the settings.

(2-2) Click the dropdown menu in the "Selected Pages" column, you can set the converting page ranges for source PDF document. Here, we select "All", that means, we want to convert all the source PDF pages to JPEG.

(3) Set output folder for destination JPEG files.

(4) Click "Convert" button, convert all the selected PDF files to JPEG.

 Convert all the selected PDF documents to JPEG successful.

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