Is there a way to change the outside frame of a PDF document?

Question: I created some PDF documents for my clients but I don't like the outside frame that is dark gray around my PDF. Is there a way to change the outside frame from dark gray to white? I don't want to change the background of the PDF itself, just the frame itself.

Solution: Yes, you can crop the frame away with a PDF page cropping tool, such as Infix PDF Editor. Infix PDF Editor is a powerful PDF document editor, with this PDF editor, you can crop PDF page easily.

6 steps to crop the dark gray PDF frame away with Infix PDF Editor:
(1) Open the source PDF document.

(2) Click "Crop tool" button.

(3) Drag out a box to cover the area you want to crop (all the area that outside the cropping box will be removed after cropping finished).

(4) Press "Enter" or double click (left mouse) the cropping area, set PDF page cropping ranges. Here, we want crop all the PDF pages, so select "All pages", click "Ok" to save the settings and crop the PDF pages.

(5) After page cropping finished, the area outside the cropping box has been removed successful. Here, we can see that the PDF page margin has been decreased after PDF page cropping.

(6) Crop PDF pages successful. Click "Save" button to save the changes.

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