Why can't I adjust text font size with my Kindle?

Question:  I know that ordinary PDF files can be transferred to Kindle. However, when I did, the PDF file doesn't have the same features as the other PDF books already on the Kindle. For example, for the PDF file I transferred to Kindle, I can't adjust the text font size, but I can do it with other PDF books on my Kindle. What's wrong with my Kindle, or the problem is causing by the PDF file itself?

Solution: You can adjust text font size normally with other PDF books on your Kindle, so it's seems that your Kindle is working fine.

You should check whether the content of the PDF file you transferred to your Kindle is "Text" or "Image", some PDF files contains scanned images as its content, if the content of the PDF file is "Image" ONLY, that means, NO text exists in this PDF file, you can't adjust text font size for an image, that's why you can't adjust font size successful with your Kindle.

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